The Power of Doing Less

How to break free from busywork and be recognised as a strategic leader in just 4 simple steps.

Don't stay stuck working hard with little recognition or reward! This value-packed guide will show you how to shift those growth-limiting habits and create lasting change. Click below to get your copy today.


Presented by Jane Benston, leadership mentor and career growth expert for mid career women.

Hi, I'm Jane

As a leadership coach and career growth expert, I help mid-career professional women – just like you – design their career, activate their authentic leadership style and accelerate their success. 
I work with women who are ready to STEP UP, GO DEEP and GET REAL about their success in a way that’s authentic, intuitive and just right for them.
My job is to help you unleash your potential, leverage your skills, and guide you through times of uncertainty and growth.
You don’t need to DO more to BE more. It’s about working smarter, not harder – and I’m here to show you how.